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Chicago Area Birding Journals

More and more birders are maintaining journals and diaries of their bird sightings and experiences.  This page lists all of the ones I currently know about.  Combine this with an occasional visit to the IBET archives, and you've likely to know about most of the goodies being seen in the area.

The Birds of Fermilab
Fermilab is one of the most popular places to bird in the Chicago area.  It is a national accelerator laboratory built on 6,800 acres of mixed habitat.  Only a fraction of the facility is used for the accelerator and labs...the rest is left to nature.  There are woods, wetlands, scrub, lakes, and grassland (some restored prairie).  The author, Peter Kasper, is a physicist at the lab and has been keeping careful track of his sightings for many years, resulting in a terrific checklist.  The list is useful not only for the lab, but for the surrounding area as well.  A map of the facility and site guide narrative are also included along with a reporting function to generate custom reports from the sightings database.  A daily journal of recent sightings and Christmas count data are also included. 

The Birds of McDowell Grove
Robert Rowland is developing  a Fermi-like site for McDowell Grove.  There is a journal, map, and checklist.

Eric Secker's Bird Sightings
Eric maintains a narrative of his recent sightings.  And he also provides a highlight list at the top of the page that lets you click right to the appropriate section.  A good idea.




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