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Welcome to The Gadwall Birding Page 

The mission of The Gadwall Birding Page, by Jim Frazier, is to provide information on Chicago area birdwatching via the Chicago Birding Guide and the DuPage Hotline.

DuPage Birding Club Hotline

Current and past transcripts of the DuPage County, Illinois rare bird alert (RBA).  The archive goes back to October, 1994.  C

Chicago Area Birding Guide

The Chicago Area Birding Guide has been created to assist birders in finding the best places to bird in the northeastern Illinois and northwest Indiana area.

You'll find more of Jim Frazier's stuff at including:

Jim's Birding Photographs
Pretty terrible, but he just got digital, so what the heck.  You'll find them at

Kate and Jim Frazier's Birding Adventures
This is a collection of essays and trip reports written by either Kate or Jim. You'll find this collection of birding essays and stories on

The Universal Laws of Birding
These are the basic laws of the universe as they apply to birding. Don't leave home without your binoculars, field guide and a complete knowledge and understanding of these principles.  You'll find them at




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