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Elsen's Hill

Elsen's Hill is part of West Dupage Woods Forest Preserve in West Chicago. It is a spectacular place for warblers during migration. The majority of the warbler reports to the hotline come from this area. There is an abundance of cover and trails. From the parking lot, walk north into the clearing where you will find the small pond, then work the trails either toward the river or into the woods to the west.

Things to look for:

If you follow the trails south and west from the clearing, you will come to the "Far Pond" which is another hotbed of warbler activity.  Beware, it's particularly muddy back here.

The area around the outhouses can be particularly birdy.  Be a sport and use the restroom so that others in your party can spot the Orange-crowned Warbler while you're busy.

The brush around the small pond by is worth a look.  There's usually a Green Heron in there.

Beware of mud. The trails are not well maintained and the preserve is frequently used by horseback riders. 

Birding down by the river is dicey, particularly for warblers. Most of Elsen's hill consists of low brush which keeps the warblers at a convenient height. But along the river, the trees are taller which makes warbler-neck more likely.


Take Route 38 east from Route 59 to Gary's Mill Road. Go east on Gary's Mill to the entrance which will be on the north side of the street. (O-6)



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