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Les Arends Forest Preserve

Recently renovated, this riverside forest preserve has some potential.  It fronts on a section of the river that is very undeveloped...on the other side is a nature center.  There are a couple of islands, some backwaters, etc.  Unfortunately, the habitat is not very diverse.  The brush and the trees are both in flood plains which apparently have made for a very limited number of species of trees and understory.  In addition, possibly because of the remoteness of some sections, you'll find occasional clusters of beer cans and bottles, picnic debris and (inexplicably) various articles of apparel.

Other than the monotonous vegetation and the uncertain birding, this is a very pleasant spot.  It's quiet and pretty.


There is a grass trail that goes out onto one of the islands.  It leaves the bike path beyond the south end of the parking area.


Take Interstate 88 to Route 31 in Aurora.  Head north on Route 31.  The entrance to the preserve is located 1.7 miles north of the intersection of Route 56 and Route 31 in North Aurora. (P-3)


Normal forest preserve hours - 8am to sunset.


Kane County Forest Preserve



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