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The DuPage Birding Club Hotline

This Illinois rare bird alert (RBA) covers DuPage and Kane Counties, and Will County north of Joliet. 

You can call the hotline at 630-406-8111.

Current Hotline Transcript
You can read the latest hotlines here.  You can also listen to the hotline by dialing 630-406-8111, or read it via one of several electronic distribution methods (see below).

Transcript archives
You can read the archives back to 1995. And there is a search capability as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
We get lots of questions on the DuPage Birding Club Hotline.  We have compiled the most frequently asked questions here.

Reporting Procedures
To report a rare bird, you can send an email to

DuPage Birding Club Official Page
The birding club for the western suburbs of Chicago is online at

All Points Bulletin
This list should help guide birders in knowing what birds they've seen that should be reported to the hotline. 

Hints for Bird Identification
Use these tips to help assure that you're identifying the bird properly before you call the hotline.

Other sighting information
Please check these sites:

Birding Journals
More and more birders are maintaining journals and diaries of their bird sightings and experiences.  This page lists all of the ones I currently know about.  Combine this with an occasional visit to the IBET archives, and you've likely to know about most of the goodies being seen in the area.

Archive of recent postings to IBET

Chicago Area Hotlines

Other Hotline Electronic Distribution Methods:
National Bird Hotline Cooperative (BirdChat)
This is an international email list that distributes this hotline and others to participants around the world. In addition, they maintain discussion lists as well.  Recent reports of all hotlines are listed on Jack Siler's site.  You may have to search to find the DuPage hotline

Urs Geiser's Web Site
Urs captures hotline transcripts posted to BIRDCNTR.  You'll find both the DuPage and Chicago hotline transcripts.

Illinois Birders Exchanging Thoughts (IBET)
This is an mailing list for Illinois birds and birders.

Remember to call the hotline (630-406-8111) as well.  Sometimes reports are taped and the Internet is not updated due to technical problems.



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